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  • Drugs and Alcohols Policy

    In the best interest of the safety of employees, customers, contractors and equipment, “M” International Group is committed to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, free from unauthorized drugs and alcohol abuse, and supports the efforts of law enforcement agencies to eradicate the sale and trafficking in drugs and alcohol in the Offices premises.

    In order to achieve the above policy, “M” International Group:

    • Prohibits misuse of legitimate drugs, or the use, possession, distribution, or sale of illicit non-prescribed controlled drugs.
    • Prohibits use of controlled substances, which cause or contribute to unacceptable job performance or unusual job behaviour.
    • Prohibits possession of any alcohol or alcoholic beverages within terminal premises.
    • Subject’s staff to testing and screening for drugs and alcohol abuse during pre-joining, routine and random medical examinations.

    Contravention of the above requirements shall lead to instant dismissal from service and the Management shall support the relevant authorities in any prosecution of the offender.